Welcome to Rapidfit Wiring Looms

At Rapidfit we design and manufacture a wide range of low volume wiring looms for the automotive market.

All our looms are of modular design all made to the highest standard using a variety of aftermarket connectors ranging from bulkhead connectors, sealed connectors or the standard multi connectors.

Many of our looms are available to buy online - click here to visit our online shop.


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We also offer the service for "non standard" looms made to meet the customer's requirements, this can range from modify a standard loom to the total non standard, just contact us to discuss your requirement.

Another large part of our business is producing wiring looms for the manufacturers, this can be producing to their design or we design the looms to meet their specific requirement - click here for more info

wiring looms for a mini - from £220
wiring looms for a t2 camper - from £320
wiring looms for a landrover discovery - from £290
wiring looms for a vw beetle - from £290
modular wiring looms for a front engined vehicle - from £290
modular wiring looms for a mid engined vehicle - from £260
wiring looms for a 7 style vehicle - from £199

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